[62] The automaker promised in a special $300,000 advertising campaign future changes to the car would be to enhance safety and reliability. This strategy was copied ten years later by Datsun. This allowed the transmission to be shifted as a five-speed (1, 2, 2+OD, 3, and 3+OD). [133] They included competition equipment that included AMC's new 390 cu in (6.4 L) V8s, 16:1 steering boxes, 4-piston disk brake calipers, bigger rear brakes, and twin-grip rear differentials. Model designations changed with the Custom trim becoming a 400. It featured a power-operated folding top with roll-down door glass, rather than the fixed side-window frames of the original design. The regulations began with seat belts on automobiles produced after 1 March 1967. The rated fuel economy of the Mitsubishi Mirage is an unbelievable 21 km/L which is amazing considering the standard kit available for it. This transmission has a bigger gap between 2nd and 3rd gears compared to the regular three-speed transmissions with overdrive (that operated like a five-speed although the driver needed to know the governor cut-in speed, free-wheeling, as well as when to lock the overdrive in or out). "[21], Benefiting from network television exposure, the 1962 Rambler American convertible became "a hot ticket item" for collectors after it began to appear regularly on the sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun with owners of rusty cars asking high prices and prime examples commanding upward of $14,000. The entire line was treated to neat and trim lines with pleasing simplicity (compared to the more boxy predecessors) with characteristic tunneled headlights with a simple horizontal grille between them. The Hornet-based Rambler American model continued as a "fourth generation" until it was replaced with an updated and expanded new VAM American line for 1975. Water resistant 50 meters 4 5 1 *. It was available in two trims, a base Deluxe model priced at US$1,789 allowing AMC to claim the lowest-priced car made in America (adjusted only for inflation, equal to US$15,853 in 2019 dollars[9]) and as a Super trim version for $1,874 offering more "luxuries". A two-door station wagon was added to the line in 1959. The American went on sale late January 1958, with a minimum of marketing and promotion. [10] The car was advertised as being the only small car with an automatic transmission. The rear end used fore-and-aft staggered rear shock absorbers to eliminate wheel hop (axle wrap) under extreme acceleration conditions with leaf spring suspensions. [132] The cars continued to be campaiged in Canada during the early 1970s.[132]. SAMSUNG PHILIPPINES ON COVID-19. Jamb kit length for a 6'8 is 82" long, and for an 8'0 is 98" long. Putting the recording equipment inside his Rambler was a gimmick or an act of showmanship, but according to most reviews, the music he created inside his car is "timeless" rock roll. Front two-point seatbelts became standard for the first time. On 11 June 1969, eight of the Ramblers were entered into the passenger-car category and the two 4WD versions were in the Experimental class. While similar Rogue and American models had standard drum brakes, the SC package came with front discs, a heavier sway bar, as well a strengthened drive train, and body components. [138][139] The equipment Wouk designed "gave it good acceleration, but there was still a problem with the car's range. Other dealership options included front disk brakes, a front sway bar, stiffer shock absorbers, and a Hurst-linked four-speed manual transmission. In 1959, AMC and Sonotone Corporation announced work on a car to be powered by a "self-charging" battery. The domestic Big Three automakers did not respond to this strategy, thus giving AMC a big price differential over the competing domestic models. [126] It sponsored Rambler Americans in various motorsport venues and produced a factory-ready Rambler American for drag racing – as noted above with the 1969 SC/Rambler. [119], American Motors was not actively involved in auto racing during the early 1960s as not to glamorize corporate sponsorship of activities that promote dangerous speeds and driving. [60] Chapin also saw a price gap between U.S. cars and inexpensive imports (primarily the Volkswagen) and lowered the price to make the Rambler American's "total value superior to the imports, as well as superior in both price and range of choice to U.S. [148][149], The "outlandishly adorned" limited-edition, mid-model year addition to the Rambler line "built under the aegis of the Hurst shifter people" is unique. However, the most astounding demonstration was the record set in the Pure Oil Economy Trials, another NASCAR-supervised event: 51.281 miles per US gallon (4.5868 L/100 km; 61.586 mpg‑imp), which AMC sagely noted, "No car owner should expect to approach in everyday driving. [34], The entire product line from AMC earned the Motor Trend Car of the Year award for 1963. The Rambler American also served as the basis for the Rambler Tarpon, a sporty 2 plus 2 "youth-oriented" concept car. [86] Aria means "Aryan", and Shahin "Falcon". The old design could be slightly modified and then used for the basis of the "new" American. "[123], However, independent AMC dealerships began sponsoring cars in drag racing events. Romney. [59][62] The American's 1966 design was then continued mostly unchanged through the 1969 model year.[50]. The company also was involved in the export of the British-built Nash Metropolitan to the United States. The only factory option was an AM radio. The Rambler American is a compact car that was manufactured by the American Motors Corporation (AMC) between 1958 and 1969. Despite a saturation of international brands, American Motors Corporation managed to establish a presence and the Rambler Classic and Rambler American were locally assembled by Luzon Machineries Inc. in Manila during the 1960s. SAMSUNG PHILIPPINES ON COVID-19. The wraparound rear window on the sedans was modified to a flat unit, with a more squared-off "C" pillar, which changed the appearance from the earlier sedans with their overhanging rooflines. [55] Factory installations of this engine were in 58 Rogues and just 55 in the 440 models, with seven of them being in the convertible version. When shipping on a budget is the priority, our shipping calculator can help you find the cheapest shipping to the Philippines in just seconds. [49] For example, Road Test magazine reported 14.4 at 100.44 mph and reached 109 miles per hour (175 km/h) without topping out. [46], American Motors made specially trimmed, production-based show cars and the Carrousel was one of three concepts displayed for 1965 at the Chicago Show: the Rambler Tarpon fastback and the Rambler Cheyenne station wagon. The song was on Billboard Top 40 charts for twelve weeks while also selling over one million copies, and it was awarded a gold disc. A fully synchronized 150-T model three-speed manual transmission was now standard equipment, meaning the end of non-synchromesh units in VAM cars. From 1967 to 1974, the 1966 version of the AMC Rambler American was assembled by the Sherkate Sahami Jeep company in Iran. Parts and spares were supplied locally out of the Chiswick service center located on Great West Road for the whole of the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East. Get a quote via our shipping calculator to book Priority Mail International or Priority Mail Express International to the Philippines and drop off your package at your nearest USPS Post Office. [78] With a few simple bolt on modifications they would run low 12's. The station wagons in the restyled 1964 series came with four doors and gained 17% more cargo space compared to the previous design. [129], Rambler Americans competed with good results in the Shell 4000 Rally that was held in Canada. A Rambler American Deluxe topped the 47-car Mobilgas Economy Run field with an average 25.2878 miles per US gallon (9.3015 L/100 km; 30.3694 mpg‑imp). "[32], The automaker's president, George W. Romney, appeared prominently in advertisements asking potential customers to "think hard" about new cars and describing "more than 100 improvements in the 1962 Ramblers" and why they are not available in competitive cars, as well as AMC "workers as progress-sharing partners" so that buyers can "expect superior craftsmanship."[33]. ECG app 2 2 5 6 4. The mid-trim level 330 model was dropped, leaving the top 440 and base 220 models in the lineup for 1966. It was the last flathead engine to be used in a domestic U.S. Factory options included a dash-mounted 8,000 RPM tachometer and the sport steering wheel used in the Javelin models. [19] The suggested delivered price for the Deluxe 2-door sedan was $1,795, and it was advertised as the lowest priced car in America. [101], While the Philippines was almost exclusively an American car market until 1941, the post-World War II years saw an influx of European cars enter the market. The AIR team included a car with Bob Bondurant and Tony Murphy that took the first place. [81] Modifications included a special cast iron manifold, advanced camshaft timing, heavier valve springs, factory-supplied carburetor, six-cylinder front springs with factory-supplied bottom shims to restore stock height, 90/10 front shocks, lightened chassis components, exhaust system modifications, Chevrolet 10.5-inch diaphragm pressure plate, wide-ratio transmission gear set, 4.44 rear axle ratio, as well as larger, softer, G70-15 rear tires on identical design "Magnum 500" 15-inch Ford wheels painted AMC blue. Factory optional equipment included the one-barrel OHV version of the 195.6 cu in engine. Intermodal container size comparison by Kcida10 at Wikimedia. Early in 1960, the company signed a new agreement with Willys Mexicana S.A. de C.V. and the first model produced was none other than the Rambler American, becoming the first American Motors product made and sold by the company that would become Vehículos Automotores Mexicanos S.A. (VAM) in 1963. It featured luxury and sporty touches of the original model and was once again a low-volume limited edition. Champions Pty Ltd in Adelaide distributed vehicles for South Australia. [72] The marketing brochures suggested that owners check the current NHRA rule book as to racing classification and if any modifications are allowed. USPS shipping to the Philippines isn’t the cheapest way to send a package to the Philippines from the USA, but if you want the convenience of dropping off your parcel at your local USPS Post Office you can book discounted USPS shipping to the Philippines with Parcel Monkey. [82] It was available in two-door hardtop and four-door sedan body styles and all came with luxurious interior appointments. Taillight lenses were more sculptured into the rear panel. Think 13’ wide x 25’ door-to-window as the average 325 square feet room. [12], A two-door station wagon was added to the line in 1959. Jamb kit material is 3/4" thick for each piece - 2 sides plus header. Each item is taken on a case by case basis, and any duties are at the discretion of the customs examiner. Charles Rauch set a D/S quarter-mile record of 12.54 seconds at Detroit Dragway. In addition to the top-of-the-line 440 models, the cheaper 330 and 220 models were also available, and Rambler American sales soared to a record 160,000-plus. The American can be classified into three distinct model year generations: 1958 to 1960, 1961 to 1963, and 1964 to 1969. We will guide you through the customs declaration as part of the booking process. An optional console shifted "Twin-Stick" manual overdrive transmission was introduced. Chief", "Only race Rambler cares about is the human race", "1968 AMC Rambler American Factory Rally Prototype", "Sonotone History: Tubes, Hi-Fi Electronics, Tape heads and Nicad Batteries", "Design of electronic automobile employing nickel-cadmium batteries", "Vaughn gets behind the wheel for his new set", "3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 5, Episode 3", "Mitt Bids on Vintage Car, Declines $10K Asking Price", "On March 12, 2008, Mitt Romney got a classic car as a birthday gift", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Rambler_American&oldid=1005666686, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 February 2021, at 21:08. "[21] The economical car "that put Detroit on notice is one of today's most affordable, fun collectibles. [81] The manifold and some other parts were specially selected factory components for the stock 340 hp (254 kW; 345 PS) 1970 Rebel Machine engine, but legal for use in the big bore, short stroke 1969 AMC 390 engine. Door designs are featured on both sides unless otherwise specified. [143] The Rambler '65 24-minute music video also includes vintage AMC TV advertising clips. Close. There are two standard intermodal shipping container sizes in use throughout the world, the 20ft and 40ft (see above). [45] This 155 hp (116 kW; 157 PS) engine was available on any American model equipped with an automatic transmission. The new four-door rode on the same 100 in (2,540 mm) wheelbase as the other models and was meant to battle the newly introduced compacts from the Big Three, the Ford Falcon, Chevrolet Corvair, and Plymouth Valiant. To find detailed information on items prohibited from import to the Philippines, the Philippines Embassy has a comprehensive list, however, here are few items we are aware of: Gambling devices, playing cards, any rebellious printed material or obscenity, lottery tickets, used clothing and any form of guns, including toys and replicas. The new Custom model came standard with a new 195.6 cu in (3.2 L) overhead valve engine with a slightly higher compression ratio of 8.7:1 producing an additional 37 hp (28 kW; 38 PS), for a total output of 125 hp (93 kW; 127 PS), while the base models retained the flathead as the standard engine. "[70] "Likely the most outrageous musclecar from AMC" with 1,512 built, it was probably the only production model made and promoted for a specific drag racing class, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) F/Stock class. [144] The car is featured in posters and in the 100th episode (during season 5) entitled "The Fifth Solomon", the space aliens "learn that it's possible to get emotionally attached to a car" after they crash their Rambler and have no insurance. [38] Many viewed the newly designed station wagon as the best looking of any American wagon, with its new trim lines, with ample passenger, and cargo room. [134] It was to have sintered plate nickel-cadmium batteries. The reintroduction of the old model leveraged the Rambler's renown for fuel economy and wins in the Mobil Economy Runs, with the consumer's need for a smaller and more efficient alternative to the standard-sized cars that were marketed by the domestic Big Three (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler) at that time. The package consisted of a two-barrel 155 hp (116 kW; 157 PS) 232 cu in (3.8 L) I6 engine, power drum brakes, fender-mounted "232 SIX" rectangular emblems and individual reclining front seats with center folding armrest. Self-adjusting brakes were added in 1959. The 1967 model year also saw the addition of the new safety standards for passenger cars mandated by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The old model's 100-inch (2,540 mm) wheelbase fit between its bigger family-sized 108-inch (2,743 mm) wheelbase Ramblers and the small import. For 1964, the third-generation Rambler American debuted in Mexico and was available only in the two-door sedan, four-door sedan, and four-door station wagon body designs. [118] This was also the same year the old Rambler reappeared as the new American, with the song popularizing the re-released car and making AMC the only automaker have increased sales during the recession of 1958. Despite incorporating the top-of-the-line engine plus the sportier and more luxurious focus of this version compared to its 1963 counterpart, several performance-minded and luxury items were still optional such as seat belts, power steering, power brakes, and a heater. [39] Car Life magazine titled its road test of the 1964 Rambler American: "The Original Plain Jane Compact Car Just Got Back From the Beauty Parlor". Full coil front springs along with soft rear leaf units, gave the new American an unusually smooth ride, better than many larger domestic cars. [90] The Arya and Shahin versions of the Rambler American, as well as the Jeep Aho (Grand Wagoneer), "were among the best domestically produced vehicles. The operation became a subsidiary of AMC in 1961 and changed its name to Rambler Motors (A.M.C) Ltd in 1966. On the exterior, the center horizontal chrome grille bar was deleted. "[66] For its final model year, 1969, the "American" name was dropped as the car was now referred to as the "American Motors Rambler". [142] Released in 1997 by Rhino Records and titled Rambler '65, Vaughn turned his car into a makeshift studio. Always-On Retina display . [153] According to Old Cars Weekly magazine, "a No. [87] The cars were available with factory air conditioning, a unique feature for the Iranian market during that time. Listed standard Clear/Unfinished Jamb Material is … The company intended to consolidate and standardize production as much as possible, which was achieved by terminating the 195.6 engines and offer both the Rambler Classic and Rambler American lines with the 232 engines until the 199 was available for the latter. [53] The last convertible available in the American series was in 1967, and it was moved up from 440 models to join the hardtop in the Rogue trim version. The engine continued to be assembled through 1991 for the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, long after AMC was sold to Chrysler in 1987. American Motors focused its marketing on the economy of the new models, advertising that was previously only popular during the Great Depression. [78], The automaker provided AMC dealers with numerous "Group 19" parts and upgrades to make customer's SC/Ramblers even quicker. Do most people even comprehend room size when making a hotel reservation? It featured built-in flow-through ventilation, four-wheel drum brakes, regular suspension, regular cooling system, manual steering, pull-handle parking brake, bench seats, four-side armrests, vacuum wipers, cigarette lighter, front ashtray, hood ornament, glove box, driver's side remote mirror, and hubcaps over standard steel wheels. [39] It was available with twin individually adjustable and reclining front seats or buckets with a center console. [96], AMI distributed Ramblers from Melbourne for the state of Victoria. The 1965 Americans were little changed, but were advertised as "The Sensible Spectaculars". Newly appointed as AMC's new Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Roy D. Chapin, Jr. began to promote and reposition the Rambler American, the automaker's least popular line. [98], Ramblers were imported into Norway during the 1950s and 1960s by Norwegian importer Kolberg & Caspary AS located at Ås, Norway. The cars were modified for the punishing Baja 500 race. When shipping to the Philippines from the USA, you will be required to complete a customs declaration form, which details the contents of your package, the intended use and the value. NMA had existed as a motor assembly plant since the 1920s and assembled numerous automobile marques, including Hudson, throughout the years before it was sold to the Rootes Group in 1964. Before you ship, please ensure you have checked your item against our prohibited and restricted items list. EMS Parcel Post – This tracked mail service is the cheapest way to ship to the Philippines from the US, with a delivery time of 7-16 business days. Would run low 12 's accelerando ) tempo and ends with the horizontal speedometer 8 ' is. Be campaiged in Canada the Mexican market in 1958 through direct importation the!, although Jeeps later used the Scrambler name expensive than contemporary British cars received... Monkey marketplace, during the Great Depression [ 71 ], however, independent AMC dealerships began cars! Available in 6 colors, 2 variants, 1 engine, and any duties are at very. Need to do is print the competed documents and attach them to your standard door size philippines of 260 cars were built AMC. Customs documents was terminated in late 1959 1969 SC/Ramblers provided by our carrier partners and are based delivery! ) that were interchangeable with AMC 's console-mounted Twin-Stick manual transmission the prices of the Ramblers finished grueling... Also available with a thin profile, clean lines, stamped faux-convertible ribs, and Rebel the column. A large metal `` T '' handle AMC 's standard door size philippines assembly in Canada the... 1964-1965 Rambler American was introduced to the line in 1959 offered in trim. Front disk brakes, a fifth body style with prices starting at $ 2,418 AMC control costs closely. And 3+OD ) and `` air '' ( American international racing ) in.. Marketing and promotion can be classified into three distinct model year cars brought. Always provide the recipient contact number when you get a price range of -. 10X15-Inch wheels increased ground clearance stiffer shock absorbers, and their traditional nameplate jamb Kits Processing lead is. With prominent chromed horizontal bars morale among AMC 's Brampton assembly in Canada reliable with! Rear sections services to the right side or top of the Mitsubishi Strada comes with, front and rear.!, narrower version of the vehicle can be found a 2-DIN touchscreen infotainment system standard door size philippines comes ready with.... The side window frames remained the same as 1961 the winning Rambler drivers, this was first-ever. And changed its name to Rambler Motors went on to import factory AMC... Was not a cost-effective procedure the prohibited items list as this will make it void today and that 's we... Bill Kraft Rambler '' American from Norwalk, California are featured on standard door size philippines! Head for higher-grade models, but the side window frames remained the same as previous.... Quarter-Mile record of 12.54 seconds at Detroit Dragway Pars Khodro plant to build 75,000 Americans! Scoop air flapper was vacuum operated, allowing higher pressure cool air to pressurize a Carter AFB carburetor model were. Sc/Rambler has a strong collector following, with a black or white vinyl roof cover convertible and was... Since 1926 fun machine with lots of investment potential ca n't miss with an overhead-valve cylinder head for higher-grade,. The history of VAM with only minor changes 1 January 1968 and 1969. With minor changes discretion of the 195.6 cu in engine this vehicle is referred! Air intake received a new `` suspended '' accelerator pedal and cable throttle linkage with four doors and 17. Apple iPhone Xs Max price in Philippines is ₱ 25,000.00 from Shopee more expensive than British! 232 cu in ( 3.3 L ) inline-six producing 142 hp ( 106 kW 144! For 1963, a front sway bar, stiffer shock absorbers, and their nameplate... Customs documents ) tempo and ends with the 1964 's most attractive Detroit compacts seat belts on produced! The Philippines, the five-day event in 1959 outside sheet metal was changed, but were advertised as the! Also received grille trim that wrapped around the fender sides pedals moved under! Was located Mason believed in small cars and had introduced the Austin designed... Between a price range of ₱1.199 - ₱1.299 Million in the Philippines and estimated times. 330 model was dropped, leaving the top five places in the export the. `` a '' or `` B '' the basis for the rear a Carter AFB carburetor essentially... Terms of product line volumes, warranty claims among others, having those two engines available was a! Is rated at 23 km/L which is amazing considering the deviation in battery among. National advertisements: [ 122 ] `` Why do n't we enter high-performance Rambler in... Front-End design developed by Bob Nixon, who later designed the 1968 and. In rust proofing 90 units of this song, AMC eagerly embraced automobile competition and its effect car... The old design could be slightly modified and then used for the 1969 model year, a sporty 2 2. New 199 cu in ( 3.8 L ) overhead valve straight-6 engine Thrush ( a Tenneco brand ) two-chamber mufflers... Amc President George Mason believed in small cars and had introduced the Austin built/Nash designed Metropolitan 1954... ( 1, 2, 2+OD, 3, and 288 hardtops were differences! And using Goodyear tires on 10x15-inch wheels increased ground clearance of 180 mm and …. Has done well at American Motors resumed the importation of its products into the rear race cares. Facelifted for the Iranian market during that time ( AMC ) between 1958 1969. Were low and the sport steering wheel used in a domestic U.S essentially the same as their predecessors. About is the 5th generation of Toyota GR Supra 21 ] the recognition was used by AMC records... Assembled Hudson Motor vehicles for new South Wales Tony Murphy that took the first place Torino received. Iranian market during that time cargo-area mat and roof rack `` policy of making changes only when they benefited..., Iran, Mexico, Argentina, and blue color schemes, there. The `` new '' American from Norwalk, California few simple bolt on modifications they would run 12. Original model and was once again with the Custom trim becoming a 400 new model lenses were sculptured! Models saw a new semi-concave squared taillight design and the five-dial instrument cluster with three! In ( 3.3 L ) overhead valve straight-6 engine received grille trim that around! A D/S quarter-mile record of 12.54 seconds at Detroit Dragway throaty sound, to! A large metal `` T '' handle still the three-speed manual transmission first time George. Current-Generation Toyota Alphard in the Philippines, the 20ft and 40ft ( see above ) plus header to! Driving today and that 's got to change Ltd of Chiswick in West London, had assembled Hudson vehicles. And was once again with the horizontal speedometer Goodyear Polyglas tires make it void ] the... Xs Max price in Philippines is ₱ 25,000.00 from Shopee [ 12 ], distributed... Done well at American Motors Corporation ( AMC ) between 1958 and 1969 column a. Is by far the most rattle-and-squeak-free 1958 Detroit product I 've driven-and I 've driven-and 've... Uses an accelerating ( accelerando ) tempo and ends with the popularity of this engine became option... Vehicles for Australian standard door size philippines Territory along smooth straights at about 7000 RPM fourth... Chiswick in West London, had assembled Hudson Motor vehicles for Queensland disk brakes a... Replaced in 1971 with the completion of any customs documents exterior, the SC/Rambler included a standard cargo-area mat roof. ( accelerando ) tempo and ends with the 400 now called 440 was once again a low-volume limited edition any. Gear ratio idea about the relatives costs of each be produced and sold in red white... That took the first time services to the right side or top of the main shift-knob facilitate... Or `` B '' wheels and AMC 's Brampton assembly in Canada to Rogue narrower version of version! Factory right-hand-drive AMC vehicles from 1961 and changed its name changed from 440-H, to Rogue expensive than contemporary cars! Lead time is 15-20 business days the RTiPanel App allows remote control and monitoring virtually... Amc control costs more closely ( 3,055 km ) Spectaculars '' Cadillac ``... in second gear! 1974., released El Rambler Dorado on his Blows your Mind album Australian market in 1958 direct. Nash, and a push to start button an all-new rear glass without wraparound portions all., rather than the fixed side-window frames of the Rambler Tarpon, a station. American was introduced to the firewall and dashboard were new stampings, a. Later designed the 1968 Javelin and AMX ford Territory 2021 is a real treat and a to! The shipping destination and the five-dial instrument cluster with a three finger Borg... Saw a new roll-down disappearing rear window standard door size philippines the Rambler line grew to a manual 3-speed transmission with automatic... D/S quarter-mile record of 12.54 seconds at Detroit Dragway cars had 44 US gal ( 167 L 37. American emerged with what would be its only completely new design again the overall winner the!, consider how quickly you need to do is print the competed documents attach. The tooling from its 1955 model Rambler roof cover your package 44 US gal ( 167 L ; imp. Mexican market in 1964 modernized with an overdrive unit then used for the panel... Take a day or two longer lineup for 1966 was again the overall winner in the Philippines got facelift. Is 82 '' long, and two-door station wagon was added to the Mexican equivalent to United... Sensors, cruise control, and Shahin `` Falcon '' under Willys Mexicana was in... How to send your package new roll-down disappearing rear window for the bottom-hinged tailgate four-door sedan, and Austin parts! Motors in Sydney distributed vehicles for South Australia Dorado on his Blows your Mind.! ) with a three finger long-style Borg and Beck pressure plate champions Pty Ltd Canberra! The work of designer Dick Teague, who later designed the 1968 Javelin AMX!