The AERA/APA/NCME Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing of 1999 [4] stress the fundamental nature of validity for any test, and say that, “a sound validity argument integrates various strands of evidence into a coherent account of the degree to which existing evidence and theory support the intended interpretation of test scores for specific uses” (p.17). Our analysis therefore looked not only at overall performance on the examinations, but also at performance on the different components (and in the case of the MRCGP, at the three separate marks which are available within the AKT). The analyses described below for all candidates have been repeated for UK graduates alone and almost identical results have been found, and therefore results regarding ethnicity will be reported here for the full candidate group. This is not the place to articulate the wider argument for the validity of postgraduate medical examinations specifically, or of school-level or undergraduate examinations more generally, which is complex, but we note a) that there is a continual chain of correlations across school-level, undergraduate and postgraduate assessments, which we have called the ‘academic backbone’ [5]; and b) that clinical outcomes are correlated with performance on postgraduate examinations (as seen in a study in Québec, where higher scores on licensing examinations correlated with better clinical family practice in terms of screening and prescribing behaviours [6], and in a US study in which higher scores at USMLE Step 2 CS were associated with lower mortality from acute myocardial infarction and congestive cardiac failure [7]. The relationship between CSA and PACES is not the same, however, in the various groups. Forward-entry regression was used, with lower order terms being entered before higher-order terms. 0. reply. Clin Med. Disattenuated correlations give a more accurate estimate of the shared variance between two tests (r The CSA exam changed somewhat in autumn 2010, with the approval of the GMC. Each pass in your MRCP(UK) examinations marks a milestone in your career, and is the result of significant preparation and study. Correlations disaggregated by ethnicity were complex, MRCGP AKT showing similar correlations with Part1/Part2/PACES in White and BME candidates, but CSA showing stronger correlations with Part1/Part2/PACES in BME candidates than in White candidates. Analysis by training status of performance in the certification examination for Australian family doctors. Thank you, I appreciate your opinion. The issue of the underperformance of ethnic minority candidates and the relationship between the old and the new CSA examination are good examples of that. Ethnicity was therefore classified as white if the candidate had declared themselves as white in both of the databases, and otherwise was classified as BME. Passmedicine MRCP Part 1 QBank 2018 available for sale. Brit Med J. MRCP vs. ERCP. Other comparisons are more significant. Marks for Part 1, Part 2 and PACES are expressed relative to the pass mark, positive or zero marks meaning a candidate passes and negative marks that they fail. Table 3 also shows that there is an ethnicity effect in both MRCGP and MRCP(UK) at each stage of each examination, BME candidates performing less well even after taking performance at previous stages into account. However, all measurements, be they of examinations or other behavioural measures, have error and hence are unreliable to a greater or lesser extent. London: RCGP; 2014. PubMed Google Scholar. Although general practice medicine and hospital medicine are different specialties, inevitably both of them share various components, reflecting the nature of disease, its presentation, its ætiology, its diagnosis, and its treatment. Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) is a postgraduate medical qualification in the United Kingdom (UK) run by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). By using this website, you agree to our I hate being made to choose between having a life aand being the kinda doctor I want to be. London: Royal College of General Practitioners; 2007. The ‘new’ total mark comprises a summation of the three domain scores (each 0—3) on the thirteen cases making the total mark out of 117. An MRCP is used to take pictures of your gallbladder, bile duct, and pancreas. the height of the lines), and because of the way PACES is coded, the intercepts can be interpreted as differences in performance on CSA of those who are exactly on the pass mark for PACES. McManus IC, Wakeford RE. With the completion of the Court case and the publication of the papers on PLAB, it is important and now realistic to explore the issue of differential performance publicly and dispassionately. Had either of the assessments had a zero reliability (in effect producing random numbers), or been reliable but assessing arbitrary material of no relevance to medicine, then performance of the two assessments would have been uncorrelated. 2002;288:3026. 2014;348:g2622. 2013;347:f5662. Both MRCGP and MRCP(UK) have knowledge assessments (MRCGP AKT (Applied Knowledge Test), and MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2, all being conventional multiple choice assessments), and each also has a clinical assessment (PACES (Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills) for MRCP(UK) and CSA (Clinical Skills Assessment) for MRCGP, both being variants of an OSCE assessment. Background MRCGP and MRCP (UK) are the main entry qualifications for UK doctors entering general [family] practice or hospital [internal] medicine. BMC Med Educ. Br J Gen Pract. 2). Naturally, candidates are keen to maximise their chance of success. 22 Privacy All candidates taking MRCGP are on the UK medical register (LRMP; List of Registered Medical Practitioners), and hence have a GMC number. There is little doubt that performance at MRCGP and MRCP(UK) are substantially correlated, with disattenuated correlations of .748 and .698 between the knowledge exams, and .636 between the clinical assessments. The standard error of measurement is a more appropriate measure of quality in postgraduate medical assessments than is reliability: an analysis of MRCP(UK) written examinations. The correlation is however compatible with validity, and the argument for validity would be compromised if such a correlation not present. Next exam date: Mar 2021 £89.99 Buy Now. Patterson F, Denney ML, Wakeford R, Good D. Fair and equal assessment in postgraduate training? On successful completion of the assessment, general practitioners are eligible to use the post-nominal letters MRCGP that indicate Membership of the RCGP (with continued payment of RCGP fees). That would be supported, but only partly supported, by Part 1 correlating most highly with the clinical medicine component of AKT and least with the organisational questions (material which does not appear in MRCP(UK)). Standard-setting was by means of an Angoff process, with statistical equating across diets. Article  The regression also assessed whether there was an interaction between ethnicity and the old and new CSA assessments, and there was no evidence of an effect either on the intercept or the slope. EWHC 1416 (Admin) 2014, Available at Slopes were lower in white candidates (b = −.095, p = .009) and were higher for the new CSA assessment (b = .098, p = .007). The meaning of ‘validity’ has evolved over the decades, and a recent review emphasizes that “test scores are of interest because they are used to support claims that go beyond (often far beyond) the observed performances” [1] (p.1). While the examination meets the rigorous standards which are set and accredited by the RCGP, it does not confer holders of this qualification any … Part 1 and Part 2 were originally standard-set using a modified Angoff technique combined with a Hofstee method, but from the diets of 2008/3 and 2010/1 respectively until the present have been set using statistical equating based on Item-Response Theory (IRT), with a one-parameter IRT (Rasch) model [20]. Tiffin PA, Illing J, Kasim AS, McLachlan JC. Came across your blog accidentally - hope your MRCP Part 1 went well. Vocational Training Scheme teaching focuses on how to pass, evenings are spent revising, and my bank account, now £1700 lighter, still makes me shudder. Linkage of the MRCGP and MRCP(UK) databases was thus by means of the GMC number. Validity is a difficult concept, with many definitions and sub-categories, and changing ideas about its interpretation [1-4]. Wakeford R. Annual Report (August 2011 - July 2012) on the Results of the AKT and CSA Assessments. That group allows comparison of performance on the two separate examinations and as such is a form of concurrent validity, albeit that one assessment is taken somewhat later than the other. The intercepts are for the point where the lines cross the vertical line indicating a PACES score of zero (i.e. Correlations can be higher because of a greater range of marks, but that is not the explanation for the present data since the regression analysis (see Figure 1), suggests that the regression slopes of CSA on PACES are steeper for BME candidates than for white candidates. AKT showed similar correlations with Part1/Part2/PACES in White and BME candidates (p = .502, .849 and .161). Table 4 provides the average direct costs per patient (with lower and upper bounds) generated by the medical resource utilization presented in Table 2. JEM. Effects are reported in terms of ‘b’ and ‘beta’. McManus IC, Ludka K. Resitting a high-stakes postgraduate medical examination on multiple occasions: nonlinear multilevel modelling of performance in the MRCP(UK) examinations. Taken overall, Figure 1 shows that PACES performance is a good predictor of CSA performance, and that the new CSA is being predicted better than was the old CSA, implying an increase in the validity of the new CSA over the old. Reasons are pretty clear ,first is having little time on the board and second (most obvious ) is limited financial sources! It does not have the small but definite morbidity and mortality associated with ERCP. BMC Medicine 2007, 5:8: doi:10.1186/1741-7015-5-8. This would not have been possible but for the exhaustive question bank and guidance by Pastest.,,,,,,,,,,, Assessment and evaluation of admissions, knowledge, skills and attitudes. Overall costs of the case were substantial, in the order of £½ M. Many UK medical assessments, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, show differences in performance according to ethnicity [9], including both MRCP(UK) [10], and MRCGP (where the issues has been flagged in annual reports since 2008, and in the current report [11]). Woods SA, Hampson SE. MRCP vs. ERCP Steve Harrell, MD, MSPHSteve Harrell, MD, MSPH Advanced Therapeutic EndoscopyAdvanced Therapeutic Endoscopy University of Louisville December 6, 2007December 6, 2007. MRCGP[INT] International membership The passing of a MRCGP[INT] examination enables you to become a MRCGP[INT] member. Data collection took place with the collaboration of MLD and JD. For now, this link might help: Together those, and other such studies and arguments, suggest that postgraduate examinations in general are probably valid predictors of behaviour in actual clinical practice. In doing so, they respond perhaps to requests for ‘interdisciplinary’ studies towards the goal of fairness in postgraduate medical assessment [31]. Med Educ. If the bile will be used immediately after leaving the liver, it will flow from the liver directly to the first part of the small intestine (the duodenum) via the com… Reports on these studies were published in April 2014, shortly after the Judicial Review ended [14,15]. If a test score can be interpreted as valid, then differences in performance between different groups of doctors can be considered to represent true differences in ability, and hence the examination can be seen as fair despite group differences. Br J Gen Pract. Detailed analyses by candidate ethnicity show that although White candidates out-perform BME candidates, the differences are largely mirrored across the two examinations. London: Royal College of General Practitioners; 2013. You may have a type of MRI scan called an MRCP. Norcini JJ, Boulet JR, Opalek A, Dauphinee WD. That they are in fact substantially linked supports the idea that both are assessing cognate areas of relevance to medicine. Overall, the old CSA and the new CSA seem to be performing in a broadly equivalent way. The presentation of marks changed at the same time, and all marks are presented in the current marking scheme which was equated to a mean of 500 and a standard deviation of 100 for the reference cohort used for equating, with earlier marks being put onto the new scheme. A comparison of the performance of candidates who have taken both MRCGP and MRCP(UK) assessments helps in understanding a number of issues concerning the validity of both of the examinations, as well as the impact of other factors such as ethnicity and the change in the CSA assessment. J App Psych. Wakeford R. MRCGP Statistics 2012–2013: Annual report on the AKT and CSA Assessments. We are grateful to Liliana Chis for her assistance in this study, to Dr Sue Rendel (previously RCGP Chief Examiner) for her permission to make use of RCGP examination data, and to Dr Andrew Elder for his helpful comments on a draft of the manuscript. 2003;37:609–11. 2011;61:712–3. Having said that, they have not performed as well as candidates taking all three parts of MRCP(UK), and the move to MRCGP may have reflected a realisation that they were not likely to succeed as well at hospital medicine, or that their interests were more outside of hospital medicine. In Table 2, the bottom line of the main entries shows the value of r BMC Medical Education 2014. Reliability of the MRCP(UK) part I examination, 1984–2001. McManus IC, Elder AT, Dacre J. MRCGP is an integrated assessment system, success in which confirms that a doctor has satisfactorily completed specialty training for general practice, and is competent to enter independent practice in the United Kingdom without further supervision. The slope is highest in BME candidates taking the new CSA, and lowest in the white candidates taking the old CSA. Woolf K, Potts HWW, McManus IC. Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) is a type of MRI scan. ‘b’ coefficients are on the units of the outcome variable, and therefore are not easily compared across different assessments, whereas beta coefficients are dimension-less (like correlation coefficients) and hence can be more readily compared across different assessments. The Course Director is Dr Zubair Ahmad, a GP Trainer from North West Deanery of England. In terms of the more specific issues of differential attainment by ethnicity, differential performance on the MRCGP assessments in terms of candidate ethnicity is predicted and confirmed by the same candidates’ performance on the MRCP(UK) assessments. The exams are challenging and while hard work is The MRCGP database contained information on 8,919 candidates who had taken either AKT and/or CSA. So I will definitely update the road to GP training. The results can be summarised succinctly as knowledge tests correlating better with knowledge tests and clinical tests with clinical tests. Infectious disease and immunology is in fact a rather female/family friendly specialty. Definition: ERCP stands for Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography whereas MRCP stands for Magnetic Resonance Cholangio-Pancreatography.. 2013;11:242. doi:10.1186/1741-7015-11-242. During 2013, this matter had become more controversial in the case of the MRCGP, in part due to increasing public agitation by BAPIO, and as a result the GMC instigated a review, a report on which was published by that body in September 2013 [12], along with a separate paper in the BMJ with somewhat different conclusions [13]. Correspondence to That is certainly the case for post-graduate medical examinations, where passing an examination provides entry into a specialist career, and failure means the abandonment of that career route. MRCP vs PLAB. London: BBC; 2013. = r The examinations also each have knowledge and clinical assessments, and it seems reasonable to predict that there will be some congruence on those assessments. Because MRCGP is usually taken after MRCP(UK), the correlation may reflect material that has been learned for MRCP(UK) subsequently being useful for the MRCGP examination. Differences in the Procedure: ERCP is an invasive procedure where incision is required on the body whereas MRCP is non-invasive i.e. are the reliabilities of the two variables for which r12 is the conventional correlation. 2013;13:103. doi:10.1186/1472-6920-13-103. Interaction terms involving PACES influence the slope of the lines, whereas terms not involving PACES influence the intercept (i.e. He is a Member of … JAMA. Tighe J, McManus IC, Dewhurst NG, Chis L, Mucklow J. Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. MRCP is a safer alternative to a more invasive test called endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). Association between licensure examination scores and practice in primary care. Performance of candidates on MRCGP CSA in relation to previous performance on MRCP(UK) PACES, by ethnicity. Passmedicine MRCP Part 1 QBank 2018. Similarly the sub-scores on AKT also show an ethnicity effect, and with the exception of AKT evidence Interpretation, the AKT sub-scores shown ethnicity effects even after taking other sub-scores into account. From the 2010, the number of cases was increased to thirteen and the standard-setting process was changed to the borderline group method, calculated on a daily basis [19]. Of the 2,284 candidates who had taken both examinations, 854 (37.4%) were white and 1,430 (62.6%) were BME. MRCP Part 2 Written. Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) is a special type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exam that produces detailed images of the hepatobiliary and pancreatic systems, including the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, pancreas and pancreatic duct. If the bile will be used later, it will travel from the liver into the gallbladder through one of the bile ductstubes that transport bile away from the liver to where it is used to aid digestion. The candidates taking both MRCGP and MRCP(UK) are clearly not a random or typical subset of the more usual candidates for MRCGP and MRCP(UK), who will normally take just one assessment but not the other. In 2009, candidates who have passed the part 1 exam are able to apply for MRCP part 2 written or PACES simultaneously or in no particular order. Lines shown are fitted lines from multiple regression. However attempts to provide formal evidence of validity are, in practice, rare, for a host of reasons. Although the legal challenge was dismissed, substantial performance differences between white and BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) doctors undoubtedly exist. doi:10.1136/bmj.d901. Candidates who take both assessments have typically undertaken the MRCP(UK) during the years immediately after qualification, and , and the MRCGP AKT in the second year of their three-year GP training programme and the CSA in their final year. Analysis of the data was a collaborative exercise between ICM, KL-S and RW. This stands for magnetic resonance cholangio pancreatography (col-an-jee-oh pan-kree-at-og-raf-ee). Assessment of examiner leniency and stringency ('hawk-dove effect') in the MRCP(UK) clinical examination (PACES) using multi-facet Rasch modelling. and r The old and the new formats of CSA show broadly similar patterns of correlation with MRCP(UK), although it is clear that the new format CSA has higher correlations overall – perhaps unsurprisingly in view of the ‘finer granularity’ of the mark (0—117 as opposed to 0–12). The six comparisons of Old/New CSA × AKT/CSA × Part1/Part2/PACES, merging White and BME were significant in only two cases (see bottom of Table 4: p = .013 and p = .038). MRCGP and MRCP(UK) are the main entry qualifications for UK doctors entering general [family] practice or hospital [internal] medicine. Whilst the reason for the differential performance is unclear, the similarity of the effects in independent knowledge and clinical examinations suggests the differences are unlikely to result from specific features of either assessment and most likely represent true differences in ability. Considering just the main correlations, shown in bold, they are highly significant (all p < .001) between the two parts of MRCGP and the three parts of MRCP(UK). MRCGP (AKT) Next exam date: Jan 2021 £34.99 £50 Buy Now. /sqrt(r In 2013, the GMC also instigated two other studies which have become relevant to considerations of performance by ethnicity; these had the main aim of reviewing the ‘equivalence’ of international medical graduates (IMGs) to UK graduates in their performance on two postgraduate assessments (MRCGP, MRCP(UK)) and in the Annual Review of Competency Panels (ARCP), conducted by the UK postgraduate training deaneries. We analyzed performance on knowledge-based MCQs (MRCP(UK) Parts 1 and 2 and MRCGP Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)) and clinical examinations (MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) and MRCP(UK) Practical Assessment of Clinical Skills (PACES)). As a GP registrar, the MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) exam is currently at the forefront of my mind. As Table 2 shows, the candidates taking both assessments are different from the more typical candidates taking a single assessment. Understanding the mechanism is not straightforward, but having both MRCP(UK) and MRCGP data allows an additional handle on the problem, and we know of no other studies that examine performance in terms of this variable which look at the relationship between two examinations. I thought the same too. 2010;10:40 ( 2014;50:1–73. Google Scholar. But no, I do not believe a hospital consultant job would exclude a family life. In general the present sample of candidates perform better at MRCGP than typical candidates, suggesting either that studying for MRCP(UK) has benefited them, or that they were anyway higher-flying or more ambitious candidates. Separate databases were available for the MRCGP and MRCP(UK) examinations. As much as I bitch and moan about it, I love the smile on peoples' faces when we fix them. 2014;89:1–6. please guide difficulty level of both 0: 52: nabjeen be the first to reply Mrcpi paediatrics vs mrcpch . He has been teaching and helping doctors prepare for MRCGP examinations and GP exams since 2007. Candidates’ ethnicity is of course strongly confounded with primary medical qualification (PMQ), a majority of IMGs coming from ethnic minorities. It all depends on the specialty you choose to do. I agreed that the MRCP(UK) will no doubt give you a much bigger sense of achievement when you finally obtain it. McManus IC, Woolf K, Dacre J, Paice E, Dewberry C. The academic backbone: Longitudinal continuities in educational achievement from secondary school and medical school to MRCP(UK) and the Specialist Register in UK medical students and doctors. I C McManus. The second, more specific, aim of this paper is to examine the performance of those candidates of different ethnicities who, unusually amongst UK doctors, sat the entirely separate assessments of two major examining bodies. Elder A, McAlpine L, Bateman N, Dacre J, Kopelman P, McManus IC. 2006;6:42. ‘b’ coefficients are simple regression coefficients, a value of ‘b’ indicating that for an increase of one unit on the scale of the (independent) predictor variable there is a change of b units on the outcome (dependent) variable. Ethnicity data were available for both the MRCGP and MRCP(UK) databases, although these did not always concur, being self-reported and self-entered data. For practical reasons it is rare for specialist examinations in different specialties to be taken by the same candidates. An organization representing ethnic minority doctors (BAPIO: the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) had asked the Court to consider its claim that the College was unlawfully discriminating against Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) doctors in the CSA, both directly and indirectly. 11 Validating the interpretations and uses of test scores. Changing PACES: developments to the examination in 2009. In the UK, underperformance of ethnic minority doctors taking MRCGP has had a high political profile, with a Judicial Review in the High Court in April 2014 for alleged racial discrimination. More then 3200 MCQ’s with answer and Page 5/8. Did they fare similarly under each? The CSA is taken at the end of specialist training for General Practice (GP) and is seen as a critical ‘exit examination’. Initial Thoughts Candidates who do better at one exam therefore do better at the other, even though MRCGP is typically taken more than three years later than MRCP(UK). d 2013;63:e718–25. BMC Med Educ 15, 1 (2015). An important general conclusion of this cross-comparison study is that there are high correlations between attainment at MRCGP and MRCP(UK), providing support for the validity of each assessment, with correlations being particularly strong between similar sub-components (MCQ to MCQ, OSCE to OSCE). I don't think its worth doing an exam you don't then use. It uses magnetic fields to give detailed pictures of your pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts. PACES was the most significant predictor of CSA performance (n = 741, beta = .465). Previous detailed analyses of MRCP(UK) have shown that the mark at the first attempt is the best correlate of performance at other components of the exam, and it also predicts subsequent performance at the exam [18], and hence all analyses here are restricted to marks at first attempts. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, or ERCP procedure, is a medical technique involving radiography following an injection of radiopaque contrast material to examine a patient’s bile and pancreatic ducts. The performance of MRCP (UK) candidates who subsequently take MRCGP allows validation of each assessment. You can read… , the disattenuated correlation which takes account of measurement error using the standard formula r BMC Med Educ. The technique was initially performed with the use of heavily T2-weighted magnetic resonance pulse sequences. As the last of the generalists I think that MRCP(UK) is a much more useful qualification to have even if you become a GP.In my experience MRCGP gives the 'touchy-feely' bit but lacks the true knowledge and depth one needs to be a good generalist.Im a GP with MRCP(UK);MRCGP strikes me as a mickey mouse diploma in comparison.Hence Ive not bothered with it. The MRCGP is the exam of the Royal college of GPs which is far broader than the MRCP but it may well be that you will be required to do a summative assessment at the end of your GP training which will also be a broad assessment across many fields of medicine including psychiatry, gynaecology general surgery and paediatrics to name just a few as well as “social medicine” as it applies in the U.K. Are challenging and while hard work is MRCGP, DRCOG, DFFP, FRCGP, PCME question and... Show that although White candidates out-perform BME candidates performed less well on all five (... Technique was initially performed with the MRCP ( UK ) endoscopy, contrast medium and X-rays a medical practioner plab..., available at http: // % 20Statistics % 202011-12 % 20final % 20121212.ashx predictor of.! Tests predicting other knowledge tests predicting other knowledge tests correlating better with knowledge correlating... Immunology is in fact substantially linked supports the idea that both are assessing cognate areas of to. Ghanaian Influencer Nails the mrcgp vs mrcp Chic Look Everyday ( from Sept. 2010 )! Mclachlan JC adult occupational environment from gender and childhood personality traits may vary be taken by same...: https: // coefficients are useful for mrcgp vs mrcp across groups, particularly when the deviation. Of doing this financial sources method during the study ; multiple regression analyses, the. 2018 available for the MRCGP ( AKT ) next exam date: Jan 2021 £50., you agree to our terms and Conditions, California Privacy Statement and Cookies.... =.465 ) parts, Part 1 at my 1st attempt Part1/Part2/PACES in candidates. Doctors and medical students: a systematic Review and meta-analysis is a digestive juice that is Online. Quality and is regarded as an end-point assessment for General practice for those completing GP training initially performed with collaboration! Helping doctors prepare for MRCGP examinations and GP exams since 2007 is limited financial sources question bank guidance. May 2021 £84.99 Buy Now ’ ) ‘ r ’ ) separate databases were available for sale sense achievement... As much as I bitch and moan about it, I do then..., wakeford r, Good D. Fair and equal assessment in postgraduate training I will definitely update the road GP... Programme, while we study for MRCP always haunt us and that is which Online subscription to.... 2012 ) on the board and second ( most obvious ) is widely used as a medical practioner plab... The White candidates out-perform BME candidates perform less well on all five (! Single assessment available for sale those completing GP training take pictures of the MRCGP contained. Opalek a, Dauphinee WD, Hanley JA, Norcini J, Kasim as, McLachlan.! More invasive test called Endoscopic Retrograde cholangiopancreatography ( ERCP ) Grand'Maison P, McManus IC, Mooney-Somers J, J... Then use the body whereas MRCP stands for magnetic resonance pulse sequences, the taking. Website, you agree to our terms and Conditions, California Privacy Statement, Privacy Statement, Privacy Statement Cookies! 1 QBank 2018 available for the MRCGP qualification is a three-year programme sorts, particularly high-stakes assessments need..., I love the smile on peoples ' faces when we fix them in clinical examiners: analysis! Called an MRCP, substantial performance differences between White and BME candidates than in White candidates (