After several minor notices that appeared in journals at various times, Des Murs in 1860 brought out at Paris his ambitious Traite general d'oologie ornithologique au point de vue de la classification, which contains (pp. The food that is brought out is a step above the already tasty treats that the executive chef, Mark Caldwell, puts together for the normal flights. bring sth about definition: 1. to cause something to happen: 2. to cause something to happen: 3. to make something happen: . Marey, 1863) attention was drawn to the physical features of the circulation, to the signs of degeneration of the arterial tree, and less definitely to the fluctuations of blood pressure; but as we have said under the consideration of diseases of the heart, the kymographs of Ludwig and his pupils brought out these fluctuations far more accurately and completely. Examples of Brought in a sentence Most immigrants arriving on Ellis Island only brought the clothes on their backs and few necessities. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the service, and not in the usual order Natasha knew so well, the deacon brought out a small stool, the one he knelt on when praying on Trinity Sunday, and placed it before the doors of the sanctuary screen. Some of these facts were brought out in the famous Covode Investigation conducted by a committee of the House of Representatives in 1860. Sentence examples for fully brought out from inspiring English sources. His Manual of Chemistry, first published in 1819, enjoyed wide popularity, and among other works he brought out a Dictionary of Science, Literature and Art in 1842, on a new edition of which he was engaged when he died at Tunbridge Wells on the 11th of February 1866. Munch; Den norske Tilskuer (1817-1821), a miscellany brought out at Bergen; Hermoder (1821-1827), a weekly aesthetic journal; Iduna, (1822-1823), of the same kind but of less value; Vidar (1832-1834), a weekly scientific and literary review; Nor (1840-1846), of the same type; Norsk Tidsskrift for Videnskab og Litteratur (1847-1855); Illustreret Nyhedsblad (1851-1866), " Illustrated News "; Norsk Maanedsskrift (1856-1860), " Monthly Review for Norway," devoted to history and philology; and Norden (1866), a literary and scientific review. Bring. Complete editions of the Comedies are too numerous to be quoted; the best is that brought out in 3 vols. See more. Fay's singular powers in this direction were well shown by his Jdvor orvos es Bakator Ambrus szolgdja (Doctor Javor and his servant Ambrose Bakator), brought out at Pest in 1855. She brought up her children to be truthful. The team that Walton brought to Grymes Hill was no fraud. : A weanling filly by Grade 1 winner and new sire Trippi brought the highest price of the day. Nov 12, 2012 . The candles were brought in. Brought definition: Brought is the past tense and past participle of → bring . Click here to see the full Spellzone dictionary entry for the word bring. Under the excitement created by the actions of Wilkes, Horne plunged into politics, and in 1765 brought out a scathing pamphlet on Lords Bute and Mansfield, entitled " The Petition of an Englishman.". He brought out his first play, La Belle au bois dormant, in 1894 and his first volume of poetry, La Chambre blanche, in 1895. Though this process is now largely supplemented, and even displaced, by various rivals, at the time it was brought out it was of enormous industrial importance, since it effected a great cheapening in the price of steel, and led to that material being widely substituted for others which were inferior in almost every respect but that of cost. Her Spring and Fall 2006 lines, however, brought out more flagrant prints, island-inspired styles, and color schemes like "Winter Sky" and "Banana Pie". Sentence 1 (Everything I know about gardening I learned from my good friend Sandy.) On severing his connexion with the paper three years later, he opened at Petit Montrouge, near Paris, the great publishing house which brought out in rapid succession numerous religious works at popular prices. RELATED ( 13 ) bring to our attention. To carry, convey, lead, or cause to go along to another place: brought enough money with me. She was brought out of the trance normally and went home. 3. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. His powers were first brought out in controversy with Osiander on justification by faith. In February 1868 a great fire destroyed the whole of Migne's printing premises, but he established a new house in Paris, which was purchased in 1876 by the publishers Gamier Freres, who still own all the works brought out by Migne. 2. solenoid unit has its own built-in start switch with normally open contacts brought out to sockets. brought to our notice. They do not represent the opinions of examination of one case, however, namely, the bursting in 1895 of the Bouzey dam, near Epinal, in France, by which many lives were lost, has brought out several points of great interest. brought out phrase. Either print out the activity sheet or copy out the sentences on a piece of paper, adding the correct punctuation at the end. ; One cold afternoon, they brought out a jug of rum. One of the most curious and instructive results of this treatment has been well brought out by Walter Ross in the introduction to his Lectures on the Law of Scotland (1793). Jun 28, 2017 . Her skin was golden from the sun, which brought out the enigmatic eyes, and made them glow with the otherworldly beauty displayed by her and the one called Evelyn. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples But, the better question is, \"Who or what ran?\" The dog. A volume of Scotch Sermons, published in 1880 by ministers holding liberal views, brought out the fact that the Disruption of 1843. What does brought out expression mean? 3. Bring in definition is - include, introduce. How to use bring in in a sentence. Examples of brought out in a sentence: 1. The cheers of the adoring crowd brought the Broadway star out several more times after her curtain call. A lower rate is however encountered when the stoma is brought out through the rectus abdominis muscle. He brought out in 1865 an edition of Wheaton's International Law, his notes constituting a most learned and valuable authority on international law and its bearings on American history and diplomacy; but immediately after its publication Dana was charged by the editor of two earlier editions, William Beach Lawrence, with infringing his copyright, and was involved in litigation which was continued for thirteen years. Bismarck was an admirable letterwriter, and numbers of his private letters have been published; a collected edition has been brought out by Horst Kohl. Read and Listen To Sentences Using the Word "Bought" I bought a book. Patiently she brought out her refrain again. 7 contain regulations for the trespass-offering, in which the distinctive character of that offering is clearly brought out. To carry as an attribute or contribution: You bring many years of experience to your new post. The usage note goes on to say that “by the late 19th century educated speakers usually gave their initial h’s a huff, and the practice of writing an before such words began to die out.” You will still see “an historical” in writing every now and then and, although The American Heritage Dictionary says that both forms acceptable in formal writing, “an historical” should be avoided. Next year, having solved, as he thought, another ancient crux, the duplication of the cube, he had his solution brought out anonymously at Paris in French, so as to put Wallis and other critics off the scent and extort a judgment that might be withheld from a work of his.